What Are We Up To?

What are we up to in our studio? We’re so glad you asked! This week we have some really exciting projects and we can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you! We’re just going to give you a few details for now but keep checking back with us here and at The Wedding Seamstress on Facebook and you may just see the finished product!

One of our most colorful projects is this stunning red wedding dress. It is a wrap dress with red lace we hand dyed especially for our beautiful bride! 


Red isn’t the only color we’ve seen this week. We’ve also been working on this beautiful iridescent blue and gold wedding gown! We can’t wait to see how it shimmers as our bride moves and how the vivid the colors look in her photos! 



Finally, we want to show you some of the details of a stunning lace edged veil we are working on. We are so thrilled to see how the lace of this cathedral length mantilla style veil will echo the lace of our bride’s bodice!


That’s all for the moment but we can’t wait to show you more of the fantastic gowns that we get to work on here at The Wedding Seamstress!   

Amanda Wakeley Cleopatra 

These pictures do not do any justice for this beautiful gown. I’m in love with this gown and the designer. When this bride came to our shop at The Wedding Seamstress she was wanting to make sure she was using a seamstress who all of her seamstress that worked with her were on a paid staff and not a 1099 seamstress staff. She figured since she paid a pretty penny for her gown that was ordered from London that she wanted a trusted facility to do the finial Alterations to help customize this dress to fit her body like a glove.  The finial adjustments done to her beautiful gown was taking in the waist, hemming the dress and doing a customized bustle for her beach wedding. 



At The Wedding Seamstress we like to see different dress styles that the brides choose throughout each season. BHLDN is very popular among the brides that choose comfort over a big ball gown that isn’t always so comfortable. This season was definitely the most we have seen of these pretty gowns. BHLDN has a very unique touch that stands out from the rest of the other gowns. The unusual yet beautiful details take us back to times where the detail in the dress was what caught the eye of the admirer. At The Wedding Seamstress we love working with BHLDN dresses there dresses are constructed nicely….and worth the purchase.

While vintage is their primary look, it is also fit for any occasion where a dress is required. You can dress this gown or wear it as is the ensure the details are seen. Surely this gown will give any bride the princess feeling, but also let you be as comfortable as can be so you are able to enjoy your big day. As more and more brides are choosing comfort above anything, this is a gown that you can’t go wrong with.

As for alterations, our bride only needed a hem. She fit absolutely perfect in the dress. She will be having a beach wedding so this style, called the Tamsin gown, is the perfect gown for that day. With the skirt that was made to flow and twirl with the bride, and the sheer V back, it can’t offer any more comfort and elegance, as well as the embroidered Italian cotton in the bodice that completes the gown with the finest touch of delicacy. So, for the bride that chooses this gown, enjoy your day and have fun! We cannot wait to see pictures of this beach wedding.

The Wedding Seamstress




Oscar de la Renta

We had the opportunity of working on a dress by a fashion Icon. Oscar de la Renta. His style of this gown was truly one of a kind. It was amazing to see the detail in every part of the dress, while also making it comfortable for anyone who wore it. Our bride came into our shop after doing extensive research on us. She wanted a place that she could trust to leave her gown with, and she chose us! The bride had made a trip out to Massachusetts and went into VOWS bridal outlet, where she found this hidden gem.

The work that needed to be done was quite extensive. She was a very petite bride and at 5’1 height, she was sure to need a hem. She had bought the gown as a size 10, and we took it down to her actual size, being a 2. The full skirt of this gown was adorned with ruffles, while the waist was of a different look, to accentuate it, making it lay gracefully and while she walked, it flowed in such a way that it made the dress her personal accessory.

By the time her first fitting came, she was already loving the outcome of what had been worked on so far. As much as she was enjoying the process so were we. Getting to sew and work on a dress by such an amazing designer was a true privilege.

After the bride had her second alteration, she confessed to us that she felt nervous because other seamstresses had told her that it would be extremely challenging and would require many fittings, so by the second fitting when it was all done and ready to go home she was very happy and pleased.

The Wedding Seamstress





Jenny Packham “Joy”

Here at The Wedding Seamstress we are very used to seeing all kinds of different dresses from designers from all over the world. Recently though, we worked on a particular dress that caught our attention. It seemed to be right on trend with what has been going down the runway this season.

Jenny Packham’s dress “joy” style is the perfect combination of elegant and modern. With the blends of silver and gold, it is the latest fashion trend for any fashionista bride that is looking to step out of the traditional gown look. This sheath gown is promising to be the highlight of the night, with the perfect amount of beading to complement a woman’s figure. Keeping the waist in mind, there is a beaded waist detail that breaks up the figure, allowing it to be the smallest part seen to the human eye. The round neckline is complemented in the back with a slit opening.

The alterations that we did on this dress were done with delicacy and knowledge. Here at The Wedding Seamstress we specialize in making sure that the dress is made to complement every curve on her body, giving her a custom fit. So we did that, even though it was heavily beaded. We hemmed her and did her bustle, as well as adjusting her shoulders. After all this was done then we hand beaded everything back in place. The dress had a variety of beads, including rhinestones, sequins and bugle Japanese seed beads.

This gown really is the perfect modern look for the said bride that is wanting something different yet so fabulous for the special day. The perfect gown for the bride that is thinking about the Great Gatsby themed wedding. Very fun and what more than the compliment of the brides uniqueness to really make it glow and make the dress.

The Wedding Seamstress IMG_0485.JPG