When Should I Get My Wedding Dress Altered?


Past client of The Wedding Seamstress tailoring studio near Denver, CO

Marilyn looks amazing in her perfectly tailored wedding gown. She is a former client of The Wedding Seamstress and came in around 14 weeks prior to her wedding for bridal alterations.

The proverbial questions of “when should I get my wedding dress altered?” is a masterful question indeed. Reading around the web there are suggestions of 4-6 months all the way down to 1 month to get in for your wedding gown alterations. However, as a rule of thumb you will want to visit your local wedding tailor for dress alterations at least 3 months prior to the wedding. We recommend this for the following reasons.

Reason #1       Any GOOD wedding seamstress/tailor will be booking out well in advance as their time will fill quickly. Waiting too long can really lower your chances of getting in with somebody that is really good AND specializes in bridal alterations.

Reason #2       Two words – “RUSH FEE”. May bridal alteration specialists are notorious for adding anywhere from 25% to 100% upcharge to your cost of alterations; it covers the “extra” work they need to do to get it back to you in time. Please contact your bridal seamstress more than 12 weeks in advance to not pay more. Bridal stores that do alterations will do the same thing whether they explicitly tell you the extra cost or just roll it into the overall service fee.

Reason #3       What if something goes wrong with your bridal alterations? While this is not common, people are people and can make mistakes. We recently had a bride who waited until 10 days before her wedding to get her dress back, only to have it hemmed to short (not our work!). She brought it to us and we but a whole new skirt on, but she had to endure a lot of extra stress and cost! Luckily we were able to help her by doing the work overnight for her, but this isn’t usually the case and as such she would have been stuck with a dress she no longer loved! Don’t let this happen by waiting until the last minute for alterations.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you as you start to look for your wedding dress alterations specialist. Remember, you don’t always have to use the person the bridal store suggests. The Wedding Seamstress (www.theweddingseamstress.com) near Denver, CO works exclusively with wedding dress alterations, serving nearly 1,000 clients per year. Look around your area as there may be other tailoring studios specializing in wedding dress alterations near you as well. Good luck!

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