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The "Scarlett" wedding gown from D'Lola Couture... Photo by Don Hajicek Photography.

The “Scarlett” wedding gown from D’Lola Couture… Photo by Don Hajicek Photography.

Have you ever thought about having your dream wedding gown created uniquely for you? Most girls think of this at some course during their dress shopping experience, but almost all shy away from it. Why is that? There are a number of reasons that women may be “scared off” by the idea of having the dream wedding dress made for them. However, we believe that having a custom wedding dress made for you is the right choice if:

  • You feel comfortable with ‘not seeing’ the dress until its done. Remember, having a custom wedding gown made is like buying from an online site in that you have an idea of what the dress will look like, but once the wedding gown arrives you cannot return it so you must be in love with the design!
  • You are not trying to get a ‘knock off’ of a designer gown at a cheaper price. This is VERY important. While most honorable designers and seamstresses wouldn’t knock a gown off anyways, you can always find somebody willing to say they can make THAT $12,000 Vera Wang at a much cheaper price. However, from our experience the dress will not turn out looking like the $12,000 Vera Wang, it will look like a dress made by the person who made it for you. You must love the style of wedding gowns that the person you hire already has made in the past, because that same fashion styling will come out in your wedding dress.
  • You are not trying to save money. This is a hard one because brides seem to believe that having a custom wedding gown made is somehow cheaper than buying from a store. However, remember that most seamstresses and designers do not work for $5 per day, and therefore you must pay for their time, in addition to increased material costs. Another way to think about it is this: Is it less expensive to have a custom home built than a track home? Obviously the answer is a resounding “no”, and the same can be said for wedding gowns. “Custom” will come with a price if the quality is to the standards you are expecting.
  • You want something truly unique. This is probably the #1 reason to have a wedding gown made for you. Even if pulled from a previous design, you usually can have the adjustments you want made during the initial design process, meaning that your wedding dress will truly be YOUR WEDDING DRESS!

We hope this helps clarify a little about “who” should consider having a custom wedding gown made for them, and who should not. It is not a process for every bride as it can add a little stress to the process, but the reward of a truly unique and spectacular gown can easily make it worth it!

As a background, D’Lola Couture (www.dlolacouture.com) carries its own line or wedding gowns, as well as creates custom wedding gowns. No matter where in the world you are, it is a good idea to find a qualified seamstress or designer where you can actually see their work and design styling from previous wedding gown designs. This will help you see what your dress will ultimately look like, as well as let you see what the quality of craftsmanship is like, so you know what to expect with your wedding gown!

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(Post written by Justin Vicory, co-owner of The Wedding Seamstress and D’Lola Couture in Denver, Colorado)

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