When Do I Pay for Bridal Gown Alterations?

When Do I Pay for Bridal Gown Alterations?

This is a great question, and since you probably have never done this before you probably have no idea! Generally speaking there are two different ways seamstresses and tailors charge for wedding gown alterations.

  • Pay 100% Up Front – while this may not be your favorite option you may not have a choice in the matter. Many seamstresses, especially those working from home, require a full payment as deposit up front. Where this can get scary is if you don’t get an exact PRICE TOTAL up front, meaning you may need to pay even more when you come back.
  • Pay 50% Up Front/ 50% Upon Completion – this really is the  only other option you will find. Most seamstresses and tailoring studios will not start work without at least 50% down. This is the way we work with our 1,000 brides per year and seems to be a fair arrangement. Again, we cannot stress enough to get a solid price up front so there is not any surprises in the end!

Also, remember when working with a seamstress that she may not take credit cards. While many larger facilities do, it is still best to be prepared to pay with cash or possibly check. In order, most seamstresses and tailors would prefer the following payments for wedding gown alterations:

  1. Cash
  2. Check
  3. Credit Card
  4. Gift cards to Chipotle (okay, maybe this is only us!)

Best of luck!

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