Wedding Style: Boho-Chic

Boho-Chic Wedding 2

Combining an elegant and stylish wedding that breaks the traditional bounds of what a wedding is “supposed to look like” is the desire of many brides. There are really no true rules to a Boho-chic wedding as the whole idea is creating a profound sense of romance and togetherness, without rules or bounds, between the bride and groom.

Boho-chic weddings have been quite the rage for a few years now. Brides seem to love the ethereal look and feel of the Boho-chic style. So, where does Boho-chic draw its inspirations from?

Boho-chic is considered a style of female fashion that pulls from a combination of bohemian and hippie influences. The Boho-chic look is derived from two separate components; The “boho” being short for bohemian and “chic” from late 19th century France.

“Chic” is simple. The term is borrowed from the French and has come to mean stylish or elegant.

The bohemian look historically dates back to the “Gypsy or Roma people”, which were travelers in the central European area. As a fashion this seems like an unlikely group to pull inspiration from, however there was, and still is, a certain aura associated with the “Bohemian soul”. Savana Miller, sister of actress Sienna Miller, says that real bohemians are people have “the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, doesn’t know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box”.

Giving into the moment and not worrying about a little dirt on the dress is a key of the Boho-chic wedding.

Giving into the moment and not worrying about a little dirt on the dress is a key of the Boho-chic wedding.

Brides across the United States, and especially here in Denver, seem to have a deep appreciation for the bohemian wedding. It may be the idea of being profoundly romantic or just the idea of being non-traditional without limits, but the bohemian influenced wedding is here to stay for a while.

Boho-chic wedding gowns are no different than the overall feel of the wedding. There are no rules. Many see the boho bride as one wearing a flowing chiffon gown with an empire waist and a halo in their hair. However, this is just stereotypical perception as the true Boho-chic wedding is one wear the love of the bride and groom is far more evident than the extravagance of the size of party they can throw for people they know.


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