Alterations on a Tara LaTour Dress

The Wedding Seamstress was very proud to work with a gorgeous and unique dress. Tara LaTour is a wedding dress designer that likes to add her own “uniqueness” to her gowns, making it worthwhile to the shopping bride to consider if she is able to splurge a little on the gown for her special day.
The Wedding Seamstress received a client that had one of Tara’s designs. It was her 2013 ‘Ricky’ of ‘Where the wild things are’ collection and was bought in Minnesota at The White Dress. Our client was having a mountain wedding. She had greenish blue eyes, dark brown hair, and an amazing skin tone that complemented that dress like no other.
As soon as we got the honor of altering her dress, we were able to see the delicacy of the cut, design and sewing technique. You can clearly see and depict the visions that Tara had for designing the dress, outstanding overall her romantic vision of the design. In altering the bride’s gown, The Wedding Seamstress worked on her bust, hem and a bustle. Making this already gorgeous gown on her fit her absolutely perfect.
While it was an honor working on a Tara LaTour gown, we are sure that this up and coming designer will succeed and we will be privileged to see many more of her gowns.

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