Removable Skirt Wedding to Party Dress

Recently at The Wedding Seamstress we had the pleasure of working with a bride that was also in the wedding world as a wedding photographer. She came to us knowing with our expertise we could make her wish come true. She initially came to us she wanting many things done to her bridal gown to make it perfect for her big day!

The most unique part of her list of requests was that she wanted us to turn her dress into a two piece bridal gown! I thought how awesome it would be to make her wedding dress one with a removable skirt via a zipper. This is exactly what we did! We made her skirt a removable piece that could just zip off leaving a short and fun party dress for the reception.

I really love it so much when a bride lets me be creative and is open to any ideas to that allow us to make her wishes come true. The dress turned out beautiful and we achieved everything the bride desired! Just another perfect bridal moment at The Wedding Seamstress!

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