At The Wedding Seamstress we like to see different dress styles that the brides choose throughout each season. BHLDN is very popular among the brides that choose comfort over a big ball gown that isn’t always so comfortable. This season was definitely the most we have seen of these pretty gowns. BHLDN has a very unique touch that stands out from the rest of the other gowns. The unusual yet beautiful details take us back to times where the detail in the dress was what caught the eye of the admirer. At The Wedding Seamstress we love working with BHLDN dresses there dresses are constructed nicely….and worth the purchase.

While vintage is their primary look, it is also fit for any occasion where a dress is required. You can dress this gown or wear it as is the ensure the details are seen. Surely this gown will give any bride the princess feeling, but also let you be as comfortable as can be so you are able to enjoy your big day. As more and more brides are choosing comfort above anything, this is a gown that you can’t go wrong with.

As for alterations, our bride only needed a hem. She fit absolutely perfect in the dress. She will be having a beach wedding so this style, called the Tamsin gown, is the perfect gown for that day. With the skirt that was made to flow and twirl with the bride, and the sheer V back, it can’t offer any more comfort and elegance, as well as the embroidered Italian cotton in the bodice that completes the gown with the finest touch of delicacy. So, for the bride that chooses this gown, enjoy your day and have fun! We cannot wait to see pictures of this beach wedding.

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