Jenny Packham “Joy”

Here at The Wedding Seamstress we are very used to seeing all kinds of different dresses from designers from all over the world. Recently though, we worked on a particular dress that caught our attention. It seemed to be right on trend with what has been going down the runway this season.

Jenny Packham’s dress “joy” style is the perfect combination of elegant and modern. With the blends of silver and gold, it is the latest fashion trend for any fashionista bride that is looking to step out of the traditional gown look. This sheath gown is promising to be the highlight of the night, with the perfect amount of beading to complement a woman’s figure. Keeping the waist in mind, there is a beaded waist detail that breaks up the figure, allowing it to be the smallest part seen to the human eye. The round neckline is complemented in the back with a slit opening.

The alterations that we did on this dress were done with delicacy and knowledge. Here at The Wedding Seamstress we specialize in making sure that the dress is made to complement every curve on her body, giving her a custom fit. So we did that, even though it was heavily beaded. We hemmed her and did her bustle, as well as adjusting her shoulders. After all this was done then we hand beaded everything back in place. The dress had a variety of beads, including rhinestones, sequins and bugle Japanese seed beads.

This gown really is the perfect modern look for the said bride that is wanting something different yet so fabulous for the special day. The perfect gown for the bride that is thinking about the Great Gatsby themed wedding. Very fun and what more than the compliment of the brides uniqueness to really make it glow and make the dress.

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