Oscar de la Renta

We had the opportunity of working on a dress by a fashion Icon. Oscar de la Renta. His style of this gown was truly one of a kind. It was amazing to see the detail in every part of the dress, while also making it comfortable for anyone who wore it. Our bride came into our shop after doing extensive research on us. She wanted a place that she could trust to leave her gown with, and she chose us! The bride had made a trip out to Massachusetts and went into VOWS bridal outlet, where she found this hidden gem.

The work that needed to be done was quite extensive. She was a very petite bride and at 5’1 height, she was sure to need a hem. She had bought the gown as a size 10, and we took it down to her actual size, being a 2. The full skirt of this gown was adorned with ruffles, while the waist was of a different look, to accentuate it, making it lay gracefully and while she walked, it flowed in such a way that it made the dress her personal accessory.

By the time her first fitting came, she was already loving the outcome of what had been worked on so far. As much as she was enjoying the process so were we. Getting to sew and work on a dress by such an amazing designer was a true privilege.

After the bride had her second alteration, she confessed to us that she felt nervous because other seamstresses had told her that it would be extremely challenging and would require many fittings, so by the second fitting when it was all done and ready to go home she was very happy and pleased.

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