What Are We Up To?

What are we up to in our studio? We’re so glad you asked! This week we have some really exciting projects and we can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you! We’re just going to give you a few details for now but keep checking back with us here and at The Wedding Seamstress on Facebook and you may just see the finished product!

One of our most colorful projects is this stunning red wedding dress. It is a wrap dress with red lace we hand dyed especially for our beautiful bride! 


Red isn’t the only color we’ve seen this week. We’ve also been working on this beautiful iridescent blue and gold wedding gown! We can’t wait to see how it shimmers as our bride moves and how the vivid the colors look in her photos! 



Finally, we want to show you some of the details of a stunning lace edged veil we are working on. We are so thrilled to see how the lace of this cathedral length mantilla style veil will echo the lace of our bride’s bodice!


That’s all for the moment but we can’t wait to show you more of the fantastic gowns that we get to work on here at The Wedding Seamstress!   

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