Removable Skirt Wedding to Party Dress

Recently at The Wedding Seamstress we had the pleasure of working with a bride that was also in the wedding world as a wedding photographer. She came to us knowing with our expertise we could make her wish come true. She initially came to us she wanting many things done to her bridal gown to make it perfect for her big day!

The most unique part of her list of requests was that she wanted us to turn her dress into a two piece bridal gown! I thought how awesome it would be to make her wedding dress one with a removable skirt via a zipper. This is exactly what we did! We made her skirt a removable piece that could just zip off leaving a short and fun party dress for the reception.

I really love it so much when a bride lets me be creative and is open to any ideas to that allow us to make her wishes come true. The dress turned out beautiful and we achieved everything the bride desired! Just another perfect bridal moment at The Wedding Seamstress!

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Alterations on a Tara LaTour Dress

The Wedding Seamstress was very proud to work with a gorgeous and unique dress. Tara LaTour is a wedding dress designer that likes to add her own “uniqueness” to her gowns, making it worthwhile to the shopping bride to consider if she is able to splurge a little on the gown for her special day.
The Wedding Seamstress received a client that had one of Tara’s designs. It was her 2013 ‘Ricky’ of ‘Where the wild things are’ collection and was bought in Minnesota at The White Dress. Our client was having a mountain wedding. She had greenish blue eyes, dark brown hair, and an amazing skin tone that complemented that dress like no other.
As soon as we got the honor of altering her dress, we were able to see the delicacy of the cut, design and sewing technique. You can clearly see and depict the visions that Tara had for designing the dress, outstanding overall her romantic vision of the design. In altering the bride’s gown, The Wedding Seamstress worked on her bust, hem and a bustle. Making this already gorgeous gown on her fit her absolutely perfect.
While it was an honor working on a Tara LaTour gown, we are sure that this up and coming designer will succeed and we will be privileged to see many more of her gowns.

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Wedding Dress Alterations : The Basics


So, you have bought your wedding dress and are waiting for it to come into the bridal boutique. You have anxiously circled the ship date on your calendar or put into your iPhone and are waiting for Siri to tell you that your wedding dress has arrived. In the meantime you have received a list of 1-3 wedding dress seamstresses or alterations experts in your area from the bridal boutique. The nerves start in as you realize you have no idea of what to expect. You are asking yourself:

  • “Where should I go for bridal alterations?”
  • “How much will wedding dress alterations cost?”
  • “What happens if my dress gets messed up?”

These and four million other questions race through your head as you try to figure this whole wedding dress alterations thing out. In most cases you probably have never had a wedding gown altered before. You may not have ever had anything altered before aside from a pair of jeans.

As an expert, let me tell you something… breathe. It will be okay. Everything will work out great; you will get married in a beautiful gown to the love of your life and live happily ever after… First things first though. You want to make sure that the list the bridal store gave you actually contains the best seamstresses and tailors in your area.

“Of course the bridal store list has the best tailors” you may say. As much as I would love to agree with you I can’t always do so. A little secret is that most bridal store lists contain seamstresses that give back the most revenue to the bridal boutique to be on the list, which does not equate to being the most talented, affordable, nice or any other metric you would normally choose a wedding seamstress on. This amount can be as much as 50% of what you pay… so who pays for that “referral fee”? You do of course!

“So, what do I do?” you may ask. Well, I wouldn’t toss the list in the trash, but I would do the same amount of work you did to find that cute little bridal boutique that you bought your dream dress from. If you are going to spend top dollar on a bridal gown, and spend the time finding it, you should also spend a little time figuring out who is going to take that dream dress apart and put it back together for you, don’t you think? Here is a short list of questions I would ask the bridal store or the seamstress when interviewing them:

  • “Does the seamstress have to pay the bridal store for the referral?” – This is a good way to know if the bridal store just sends you to who is best, or who pays the most.
  • “Where does my dress get stored once I leave it for alterations?” – Most bridal stores allow your precious wedding dress to go home, or anywhere else, with the seamstress. Have you seen your seamstresses home or storage space? Do they even have one?
  • “Does the seamstress work for the bridal store, or are they contracted out independently?” – While bridal stores may say they are will be there if “anything happens to your wedding dress” the reality is that if the seamstress is independently contracted there is no real legal obligation on the part of the bridal store to help you out. You could be dealing directly with the seamstress; leading to big problems down the road if something happens to your Vera Wang or Claire Pettibone.
  • “Who carries the insurance to cover my dress if anything happens?” – Again, if contracted out your wedding dress may not be covered by the store’s insurance. Many “at home” seamstresses do not carry insurance to cover your wedding dress if something happens (fire, stolen, just plain messed up).

There are probably a million other questions you can ask a bridal store or wedding seamstress when trying to figure out who the best bridal tailor is to take your wedding dress to. My suggestion however is to look at who is most transparent in their reviews and work. Some items to look for are:

  • Online Reviews – if you cannot find a number of reviews on a wedding seamstress, unless she just moved to the area, you may want to consider finding someone else. Reviews, good or bad, at least let you know that people have used that person before.
  • Website – websites are a great way to see how they represent themselves and their business. If their website is a mess then that may be a reflection of how they operate.
  • Storefront – our opinion is that the days of the “at home” seamstress is fading for wedding dress alterations. Most reliable bridal tailors have a store front, even if they are just a one or two person location. How their storefront appears is again a reflection of how they operate.

Hopefully this helps when deciding who to leave your amazing wedding dress with for alterations. Not all seamstresses are created equal so choose wisely.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I would be happy to answer them!

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Wedding Styles: Children or No Children

Kneeling on the floor in front of bride after bride we get to hear a lot of wedding planning stories at The Wedding Seamstress. Lately, one of the most talked about subjects while brides are being pinned up at our boutique is the question: “Should they invite children to the wedding or not?”

Having children it took me a lot of patience to just be quiet and listen. I could never fathom not having invited children to my wedding. It doesn’t seem right. There is something magical about seeing a beautiful wedding with two people that love each other share that eternal love in front of those closest to them. I think it is critical for younger boys and girls to both experience being at a wedding at least once in their lives!

However, after much listening and zero talking I have an expanded understanding as to some of the reasons that brides and grooms may be choosing a “zero” child policy. Some of them are detailed more closely in the links I have provided at the bottom and others are not.

Reasons Why Children May Not Be Invited:

  • The wedding is very formal and not the appropriate setting for a younger child.
  • The bride or groom simply don’t like children at weddings… they may just not like children, who knows???
  • The venue they have chosen can only accommodate so many people, obviously causing them to make some decisions.
  • Finally, the cost. I hadn’t heard this one until recently. A bride was stating that the catering company was going to charge full price for each child, regardless of age. The bride was also stuck with the caterer as they were contracted with the venue. Sometimes your hands are tied and things are out of your control.

So, as you can see there are a number of reasons that couples may choose to not invite children to their wedding. Some are understandable and some are just a matter of it being someone else’s wedding and just being okay with their decisions. Of course, in any of the scenarios it is essential for the couple to make sure they know early whether they are inviting children so they can state as much in the wedding invitation. Some would argue that an invitation made out only to the parents, and not to the children, is sufficient. In today’s world where etiquette is a word people know less and less about I wouldn’t take this approach. It should be clear on the invitation that the wedding is “Adults Only” or “18 and up”… Something along those lines. There is no sense creating confusion.

One of the more interesting compromises I have seen is the idea that children would be allowed to the ceremony, but not the reception. In this case the couple would need to provide a childcare solution for children but I have heard that this has worked out great for a number of couples who have friends with children. The whole point is for the married couple to enjoy their day while not coming off as child-hating beasts so I like this compromise.

The links below give great ideas on both how to address the Childless Wedding in the invitation as well as what options there are for the compromise solution and providing childcare for the reception. Enjoy!


Useful Links

Wedding Style: Boho-Chic

Boho-Chic Wedding 2

Combining an elegant and stylish wedding that breaks the traditional bounds of what a wedding is “supposed to look like” is the desire of many brides. There are really no true rules to a Boho-chic wedding as the whole idea is creating a profound sense of romance and togetherness, without rules or bounds, between the bride and groom.

Boho-chic weddings have been quite the rage for a few years now. Brides seem to love the ethereal look and feel of the Boho-chic style. So, where does Boho-chic draw its inspirations from?

Boho-chic is considered a style of female fashion that pulls from a combination of bohemian and hippie influences. The Boho-chic look is derived from two separate components; The “boho” being short for bohemian and “chic” from late 19th century France.

“Chic” is simple. The term is borrowed from the French and has come to mean stylish or elegant.

The bohemian look historically dates back to the “Gypsy or Roma people”, which were travelers in the central European area. As a fashion this seems like an unlikely group to pull inspiration from, however there was, and still is, a certain aura associated with the “Bohemian soul”. Savana Miller, sister of actress Sienna Miller, says that real bohemians are people have “the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, doesn’t know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box”.

Giving into the moment and not worrying about a little dirt on the dress is a key of the Boho-chic wedding.

Giving into the moment and not worrying about a little dirt on the dress is a key of the Boho-chic wedding.

Brides across the United States, and especially here in Denver, seem to have a deep appreciation for the bohemian wedding. It may be the idea of being profoundly romantic or just the idea of being non-traditional without limits, but the bohemian influenced wedding is here to stay for a while.

Boho-chic wedding gowns are no different than the overall feel of the wedding. There are no rules. Many see the boho bride as one wearing a flowing chiffon gown with an empire waist and a halo in their hair. However, this is just stereotypical perception as the true Boho-chic wedding is one wear the love of the bride and groom is far more evident than the extravagance of the size of party they can throw for people they know.